My old equipment

This picture shows most of my equipment.

TelescopeNewtonian design, aperture 150mm parabolic mirror, focal relation f/5, German type mount. 1.25" rack and pinion focuser.
FinderOrion 8x50mm with dovetail quick coupling. Apparent field 5º
Guider scope
Meade RB-60: Refractor, 60mm aperture , focal 700mm.
Meade red dot reflex sight.
Electric focuser
Orion Accufocus
Hokenn dual axes with handpad for EQ3.
CamerasMeade DSI I, Vesta Pro Scan modified SC1.5, Phillips SPC900NC/00 modified SC1.0, Meade DSI pro III

In the background there is my old Celestron 114mm f/7.9 Dobsonian.

AccessoriesCelestron Plössl 40mm eyepiece
Celestron SMA 20mm eyepiece
Celestron SMA 10mm eyepiece
Celestron Barlowx2 lens
Hokenn Barlowx3 lens
Bushnell 10x50mm binoculars.
GSO 0.67 Focal reducer.
Orion filters: Light Pollution Reducer, lunar, Red, Blue for visual observation.
Meade filters: IR, Red, Green and Blue for LRGB photography.

Monitor calibration

Monitor calibration
Adjust your monitor to see all grey boxes