Basic technics

In this section we'll see the most important tips of every step in the process to obtain deep space images .
  • Observation conditions - the most important factor is sky transparency, if it is not good you can do planetary photography but not deep space. There are astronomical transparency forecasts that we can see to avoid frustration.
  • Polar aligning - Good polar alignment is essential to reduce star drift and field rotation. This makes image processing easier and allows better use of the visual field of the camera. The use of software greatly facilitates precise polar alignment.
  • Focusing - precise focusing is crucial to get good images, but focusing a camera is not as easy as focusing an eyepiece. Fortunately there are techniques that facilitate this task.
  • Images acquisition - it is very important to take enough quantity of light frames (object images) and calibration frames (darks and flats frames) using the correct camera settings.

Monitor calibration

Monitor calibration
Adjust your monitor to see all grey boxes