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If you are an amateur astronomer you will find here a lot of information and advice to initiate yourself in amateur astrophotography, especially digital deep space astrophotography using CCD cameras.
There is advice for the beginner astrophotographer, recommended software, webcam modifications, astrophotography basic techniques and a lot more.
I apologize in advance for my English (my mother tong is Spanish), if you find some word misspelt or wrong grammer I would appreciate it, if you send your corrections by email.
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When I began this hobby I found that for the low budget amateur astronomer (especially in undeveloped countries) it is very hard to start doing astrophotography because it is difficult to get adequate equipment at reasonable prices.
There is very little equipment available in our countries and to import them is very expensive, not only because of freight costs, but also for customs the paperwork and taxes, that are very important for little accessories. Then you have to manage yourself with what you can get or what you can make yourself.

I also found that astrophotography information is very sparse and hard to find. This situation makes starting astrophotography a very hard decision for many amateur astronomers that are afraid to spend a lot of money and not get good results. Because of this I didn't start this hobby for a long time.
I want to share my own experience on this site and hope to make it easier and encouraging amateur astronomers to start learning astrophotography.

This site has been translated from spanish, so you will find some documents still in Spanish.

Welcome to Astrophotography.me

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